Group training Programs

Workout of the Day (WOD)

60 Min CrossFit™ Class
Suitable for All Levels

Efficient. Challenging. Rewarding.
The most fun and complete workout you’ve ever had in an hour.
Experienced coaches guide you through a full-body workout including warm-up, strength/skill work, a Metcon (Metabolic Conditioning Circuit) and cool-down.
Experience the future of fitness today and take control of your health and fitness with the most efficient program we have.



45 Min CrossFit™ Class
Suitable for Beginners

Conditioning. Endurance. Strength.
Challenge your entire body & mind with these intense HIIT inspired classes that will leave you sweaty and begging for more.


Athlete Development

90 Min CrossFit™ Class
Suitable for Intermediate & Advanced Athletes

Skill Development. Workout Strategy. Pushing Limits.
This class is designed for those that want to dive into the Sport of Fitness and develop and refine competitive strategies to set them up for success in the competitive functional fitness space.



60 Min CrossFit™ Class
Suitable for Kids & Teens

Foundational. Fundamental. Encouraging.
Coaching and programming that is designed specifically to foster the development of positive fitness habits in our future generations. Technique development is emphasized and positive relationships are built through fitness as they progress each week.